Fritz Burkhardt

Fritz Burkhardt (Arnstein 1900 - Munich 1983)

Burkhardt grows up in Herschbruck near Nürnberg.
From 1914 - 1920 he studies in Eichstätt , where he meets Eduard Aigner.
1921 stay in Iphofen
From 1924 - 1927 he studies at de Art Academy In Munich under Adolf Schinnerer
1928 scholarship of the city of Munich and journey to Italy
1930 - 1934 Membership of the 'Juryfreien'
1931 Start of the friendship with Max Radler
1934 Wins the Albrecht Dürer price of the city of Nürnberg and journey to Paris
During the Nazi regime he works 'underground', but is not very productive
In 1945 his workshop - as well as most of his work - is destroyed in a bombardment on Munich
1946 Co-founder of the 'Neuen Gruppe'
Besides his work as an artist, he ddid a lot of technical and geomatric-mathematic
research and worked for magazines. His work can be found in the city gallery of
Lehnbachhaus, the city museum of Munich and in important private collections in Germany.